Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My New Addiction!

I must admit, I have an addiction. I have friends who've had this addiction for a while. I understood their addiction but didn't feel the draw to it myself until just recently. My new addiction? Well...


To feed my addiction, I need more, more, more!

My new "dealer" is having a contest. If you go to Beadsaddict Facebook page and click "like" on my pictures, I might just win some more! Please, won't you help out a jeweler with a serious addiction? Please?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Marketplace Monday by Finding Fabulous

Finding Fabulous is hosting Marketplace Monday. There are lots of great Valentine's Day gifts featured! Check it out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Win Me! Winnie's Heart Pendant

Well, it's the dead of winter. There are no craft shows to speak of. It's not a great time of year to get jewelry sales. Let's have a contest!

I'm giving away this gorgeous pink druzy heart pendant! I first designed this shape for my friend, Winnie, who wanted me to make a ring for her out of a druzy. My excitement over druzies has evidentally rubbed off on her. She picked a gorgeous blue druzy out of my stash of druzies that I purchased from beadsaddict, one of my fellow Etsy sellers; she has some GORGEOUS stones! Anyway, Winnie picked out a stone, and had me design a ring just for her. We were both very happy with the way it turned out. It looks gorgeous on her hand, too!

With Valentine's Day coming up, I wanted to do something special for my Facebook Fans. I do LOVE my Facebook fans! Therefore, I designed a pendant that I'm going to give away. It's made up of a gorgeous pink and white druzy, bezel set and embellished to form a heart. It's my Win Me! Winnie's Heart Pendant. It's going to be given away to one of my Facebook Fans. It could be you!

Here's how it works:

2. Suggest my page to your friends. You can hit the "share" button under any posts I do on my page, or there's also a "share" button at the bottom on the left of my Facebook fan page. There used to be a "suggest to friends" button, but evidently Facebook has done away with that, so you're going to have to use your imagination. Sorry!

3. On Sunday, February 6th, see how many of your friends also "like" my page. That will also be on the left side under the profile picture, but above the total number of people who "like" my page.

4. E-mail me at to tell me how many of your friends "like" my page. I need proof, though. To prove how many, please go to my page, highlight the "6 of so-and-so-many friends like this", showing the 6 friends it will show you, copy it, and paste that in your e-mail to me. I need to receive this by Sunday, February 6th, midnight (EST), though! Make sure you put "Win Me! Winnie's Heart Pendant Contest" in the Subject line.

5. Whomever has the most friends that "like" my page will win the pendant! I will determine the winner on Monday, February 7th and get it shipped off so that the winner will receive it before Valentine's Day.

I will warn you, however. One of my friends has been promoting my fan page for a really long time, so she probably already has lots of friends that "like" my page. She's going to be stiff competition! (Thanks, Michelle!)

Good luck!

Friday, January 7, 2011

O, Christmas Tree!

A few weeks ago, my boss decided to have a contest and asked all of us to write, in fifty words or less, what Christmas meant to us. Well, I went over, of course, because I can't abbreviate ANYTHING. But it did get me thinking. What DID Christmas mean to me?

She asked this a day or two before we bought our Christmas tree. I love a live tree, so that's what we get every year. It's messy, it drops needles, as well as ornaments, as it slowly wilts. But there's nothing like the smell of it, or each tree's uniqueness.

As I started decorating I think about our life. Our Christmas tree tells the story of our lives. Decorating the tree reminds me of EVERYTHING we've gone through. There are the ornaments on the tree that I made for my parents in preschool. There are ornaments that my kids made for me and my husband in preschool. There are the ornaments that my husband and I bought our first year of marriage at the dollar store, when we were terribly poor. There's the ornament that my grandmother made for our family when I was little and it makes me miss her. There are the photo ornaments of my children as babies with their toothless grins, and I have to smile.

Now, when we go on vacation, one of the souvenirs that I try to always bring back with us is a Christmas ornament. That helps us keep the memories of that trip alive. We have countless ornaments from Disney World. There's a crawdad with a crown and mardi gras beads from New Orleans as a reminder of the one and only trip my husband and I took by ourselves after we had kids. This year we took a cruise to Mexico, and I didn't find any ornaments while on the trip, but while I was Christmas shopping I did buy us a burro pinata ornament to remind us of the trip.

There are also the ornaments that just remind us of everyday life. The black lab ornament for Molly, the chocolate lab ornament for Hershey, the cat for both cats. We have a Santa constuction company ornament with Santa in a hard hat on a steel beam for the house we built in the Outer Banks. The fish ornament my best friend in the Outer Banks gave me. Almost all of our ornaments mean something to us.

I really don't understand how people can just decorate their tree to look pretty. Our Christmas tree is our time to reflect. It reminds us of where we've been. I'm hoping to pass down the tradition to my boys. I've already started to separate some ornaments out for them to use on their own trees, though we have a few years before they'll have their own trees. But my wish for them is that at least once a year, they remember their lives when they were children, and how much we love them. And that they pass it on to their children.

Now it's time to take the Christmas tree down. That will stir up all those wonderful memories again. I guess that makes it twice a year that it stirs up memories! That's what Christmas is all about. Happy remembering!