Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Gym

One thing that I've discovered about working at a gym is that it really messes up your sense of what's normal. I know triathaletes! Marathon runners! That's just freaky to me! Before I started working there, I didn't know ANY!

Another thing that's weird is how LONG the people that come in work out. There are some that come back twice a day, or more, for an hour or more each time. I can't imagine spending this long there without getting paid for it. The other thing that's kind of surprising is that not all of them look THAT fit for it, but maybe they're just keeping their weight in check. I guess that works for them. Plus, I know part of the reason for them to be there is social. The gym is fun, I'll give it that!

I have extremely fit friends. They make me feel like a slacker! When you're surrounded by people who are fit, and thin, and energetic, it makes the bar just a little higher. Reaching that bar is very hard if you don't have an hour to spend at the gym every day, if not impossible. Trust me, I know.

All of you out there who are trying your best to get in shape, I feel for you! I know how hard it is! Try not to look at everyone around you. Try not to judge yourself on what other people are doing, or how they look. If you're working out at a gym, I can guarantee that two-thirds of the people who are there are die-hards. Give yourself a break! Hey, you walked in the door, didn't you? That's a start!

Originally posted November 4, 2009

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