Friday, February 12, 2010

My Tumbling Project

I just got a tumbler! I'm so excited! I realize that this is something that most children have already had, but this is my first.

I got it to finish my jewelry. If you put steel shot in it with jewelry, it will polish it up and save lots of steps in the finishing process. But for my first project, I'm going to tumble some rocks. I'm not sure where I got these rocks, but most of them have been cut flat and just need a polish on them.

The first few pictures are of the cut but unpolished stones.

These are pictures of the stones once they've been polished for a day or two.

Come back later to see the progression of my "project". This is supposed to take about a month, so this could take a while!


  1. the jewelry i saw was gorgeous. thanks so much for stopping by the crib and following. it is greatly appreciated

  2. Wonderful. I have a tumbler for my jewelry but I never thought I could put stones in it. Good to know!